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Feburary 18th 2020. By Clive Gibbons. Green EU cards will still be issued till the 28th of this month. The Spanish authorites are working with the European Commission to introduce a new document under the Withdrawal Agreement. This will probably be a similar card that may or may not contain a photo of the applicant.  

Feburary 1st 2020. By Clive Gibbons. The period for applying for EU residence cards has been extended for another 15 days from the 1st of Feburary. At the moment there hasn't been any new instructions made regarding what will happen after this date. The Ratificiation for the UK to leave the EU has been signed and the UK will no longer be a EU member from the 1st of Feburary. Although, it has been agreed that during the next 11 months, the UK will remain a member of the Customs Union and Single Market allowing people to travel, reside and work in any other EU country. Thus should allow the Spanish Government to continue issueing the same green residence cards to UK nationals. At the moment we will have to wait for the next agreement to be made.


January 14th 2020. By Clive Gibbons For the whole of this month, applications for residency cards are only obtainable in Valencia (C/ Gremis office) and in Alicante /C/ Ebanisteria office). Next day appointments are available online. The Valencia office issues cards there and then, while the Alicante office issues the cards the same day but from 1 o'clock onwards. For a full list of requirements, appointments etc, please contact via email. People are also asking about if after Brexit the green cards will still be issued. The answer is that a final decision has not been made yet. There is a chance that the green cards will still be issued although this could change to what is called a TIE. These type of cards are "Residence permission" and will carry a photograph and will be valid for 5 years only unlike the preesent cards that are "permanant". Spain does see that a person with adquired rights to reside, should keep them. So we need to wait and see what is decided.


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